Where to buy hoodies online

And how should I pick the right size?

The hooded sweatshirt also called “hoodie” is a very popular part of everyone’s wardrobe and the trend of wearing hoodies is unstoppable even in 2019. That is why we have an endless choices of different colors, sizes, and shapes of hoodies. The hoodie is a typical streetwear fashion, mostly because it can be worn on every occasion.

No matter if you are home with hangover, jogging in park or going out. At least this is from my observation!

Attack On Titan Womens Zipper Hoodie

Solid BennHood Men's Hooded Pullover / Hoodie

In this article, I want to talk about the hoodies size chart and where to buy hoodies. Because of thousands of hoodies and different brands, there are different sizes and measurements.

You can never rely on your chosen size, which works for one type of sweatshirt that you wear happily for years. For example, I had this intuition that all of my sweatshirts are the size of L, but with these thoughts, you will fail in online fashion shopping, as did I.

So what should we do?

First of all, you need to get parameters of your best, most comfortable hoodie you have.

If you want to buy hoodie for someone, you should find out which hoodie that person wears the most. Then you need to get basic parameters like width and length of a hoodie.

Pictures below show my best hoodie that I love even today and how I measure it with precision. Be careful, the measuring tape should be taught.

how to measure length hoodies
how to measure length hoodies detail

With my measuring tape, I know that my hoodies length is 72cm and width is around 53cm. Yes, I'm from Europe, Czech Republic and that is why I use centimeters instead of inches.

how to measure width hoodies
how to measure width hoodies detail

Congratulations, the first part is finished. Now let's see what is next

Now you know exactly, what size is your most comfortable hoodie without relying on size charts. But what is next?

For this step, I introduced the size search engine for fashion. It is just an easy online tool for everyone to use. And input is based on parameters which you already know - width and length of your hoodie.

So, if I copy my parameters to size search engine it shows that there are more than 100+ sweatshirts, jumpers and hoodies for men with these parameters.

parameters in size search engine

Although it shows all products with +2cm from my measuring parameters, it is a good sign, because I can choose from dozens and I know it will fit me perfectly!

Now if you could look closer on sizes with different brands you can see that I prove my point.

parameters in size search engine

Different brands have indeed different sizes and we, as a customers, are not able to see it at first look easily.

This finding really pissed me off and also motivated me to continue with comfy-penguin.com with its size search engine. Now I know that size charts are not a solution for buying hoodies and other fashion online.

What I want to do is to create an online tool help to search and to find clothes with exactly the same parameters as your best, most comfortable clothes you wear daily. It will take some time, but one day there will be thousands of products in each category, which will make online shopping fast and stressless.

The goal is to use this data to find a new hoodies or jumpers without fearing that you end up with a completely wrong size.

To proof my statements I bought and measure offered sweatshirt

I decided to go with this sweatshirt instead of a hoodie, kinda like it more. Where did I bougth this hoodie? Surprisingly on Amazon. It is slightly bigger (that's what I want) and it says that I should choose size M.

parameters in size search engine

After a few days, the sweatshirt arrived to my doorstep. And it does fit. Below are parameters that I measured.

how to measure width hoodies
how to measure width hoodies detail

So length is 73 centimeters and sellers wrote on page that it should be 74 centimeters on this size M. I think after a few days with my sweatshirt on the length should be where it originaly should be. Now let's take a look on width / chest.

how to measure width hoodies
how to measure width hoodies detail

Width is actually same as sellers size chart. The sweatshirt has 55 centimeters.

The method and size search engine is working!

So where to buy hoodies? It's easy, try my size search engine and choose from biggest brands outhere!

I'm still building and expanding my database for sweatshirts, jumper and hoodies. Also will add new types like shirts, t-shirts, shorts and pants. If you try size search engine, let us know how you ended up so we can adjust our system and database.